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About Carolinas Pro Home Inspections

Charlotte, NC

Carolinas Pro Home Inspections has served the Charlotte area of North Carolina for years, providing quality inspections to home buyers (and owners alike) for peace of mind.

– Our Story –

Owner Joseph Mesropian grew up with several family members in real estate. Concepts of what makes a home valuable, comfortable, and secure were something of a second nature to him as a result. By the time he entered the working world, he had a strong working knowledge of the common issues that held up selling homes.

He moved to North Carolina in 2008 and became comfortable with the construction, repair, and maintenance aspect of house care. In the process of owning several homes and flipping them (and through stories of those he knew) a troublesome spot in the industry started becoming clear to him: a lot of home inspectors missed obvious things.

Missing those things became headaches later, headaches that Joseph had avoided in his own projects by identifying ahead of time and resolving. Jumping into the home inspection industry felt like a natural transition from here, since he had the experience of foresight and a careful eye for detail, as well as the hands on experience with building to know how things work and what to watch out for.

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