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Professional Thermal Imaging Inspections

Thermal imaging is a more in-depth type of inspection, and is a great extra to include in a regular home inspection because it allows us to detect issues that might otherwise be invisible.

  • Are some rooms drafty and you’re not sure why?
  • Does the circuit breaker trip repeatedly in some areas?
  • Has your electric bill gone up more than usual recently?

These questions are exactly the kinds of situations in which thermal imaging can help. Despite being a powerful tool for detection of heat loss, compressor leaks, broken window seals, plumbing leaks, and moisture intrusion, thermal imaging is a non-invasive test.

How Thermal Imaging Inspections Are Useful

  • Even newer homes were built under deadlines, and sometimes things were missed. Thermal inspections can identify issues with electrical and other systems that may cause trouble later.
  • After purchasing a used home this can be a good add-on with your regular inspection to be aware of repairs you’ll need to make before they impact your life.