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Professional Residential Termite Inspections

Termites are a serious issue for your home since they will consume the wood in your walls and floors, insulation, and even furniture and books. That can mean frustrating and expensive repairs, but also potentially structural damage to your home. In fact, termite damage costs homeowners over $5 billion each year, which is more than damage created by fires.

When you schedule a termite inspection, it gives you the peace of mind of knowing for sure whether that’s an issue for your home or not. If it is, we’ll make some prompt recommendations for reputable exterminators to alleviate the termite infestation as efficiently as possible.

Benefits From a Professional Termite Inspection

  • the home you’re looking to buy isn’t infested with something that will create costly repairs later
  • your current home is safe from this damage (or that it can be addressed quickly)
  • any potential termite issues won’t be an issue when selling your property

Termite inspections are an add-on service that we recommend that homeowners have done at when buying or selling a home. If you’ve owned your home for many years it’s not a bad idea to schedule a termite inspection just to make sure there aren’t any issues that have cropped up over time you may be unaware of.

Much like our Radon testing service, it’s a one time inspection that protects your property and your family.

WDIR for Termite Inspections

WDIR stands for “wood destroying insect report” and it’s a type of standard report often referred to as a “termite certificate.” It’s provided by a licensed termite professional to show you definitively whether your home has a termite infestation or not. If it does, it will give detailed information about where and how serious.

A few other things to know about WDIR:

  • WDIR doesn’t deal only with termites. Other insects qualify as wood destroying insects, and this report checks for them all. 
  • Most financial lendors require a WDIR to approve financing
  • This report is the primary means to petition the seller of a home to cover damages prior to the sale finalizing. After that point it’s the responsibility of the buyer to cover those damages.