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Accurately Measuring Your Home Square Footage

You might have an idea what your home’s square footage is, but it might be a bit different than you think. Sometimes through paperwork errors or misunderstandings people move into homes under a certain impression of the square footage, and don’t realize the truth until years later when they go to sell the home.

What if, for instance, you thought your home was 2500 square feet and discovered when listing it that it was more like 2000 square feet? That’s a discrepancy of 25%, which can significantly change your asking price. If you’d made certain plans based on your first number, that can be a rather jarring reality.

This doesn’t have to be a concern for you. We offer home measurement services to accompany any standard inspection as another way to create peace of mind. While we’re in there, we can get you accurate figures for taxes, insurance, or just to know exactly what you’re working with.